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Рисунок с натуры
Drawing from nature

6 декабря - 31 мая 2018 года 209 участников
Победитель/Winner —Сергей Демков

Exploded house of Mr. Bankit

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Abhaya Kadam
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Author: Kadam Abhaya

According to the Competition’s brief, ‘Under the theme of the nomination Drawing from Nature is meant any image of the architecture that exists or has ever existed in reality - urban/public spaces, buildings, and interiors.’ The series of ‘exploded house of Mr. Bankit is a drawing made for a student exhibition which was the representation of ‘measured drawing’(it’s an existing house) and has done in the second year of an architectural degree course. It is a real house in the city of Shillong, India and represented in the form of exploded Axonometry to articulate the construction details and it’s architectural language.

Размеры рисунка или рисунков (в см) / Sizes of the Drawing/Drawings (cm): 25 x 25 cm

Drawing technique / Техника исполнения : It’s totally done by hand. First drafting has drawn by pencil and then finalised by black rot-ring pens of different pointers.

Год исполнения / Year of the Drawing: 2015



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