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Рисуя современную архитектуру
Drawing Modern Architecture

1 декабря - 21 сентября 2020 года 99 участников
Победитель/Winner —Екатерина Лутохина

Vanguard architects

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Seyedeh Ayeh Mirrezaei
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Author: Seyedeh Ayeh Mirrezaei

The Marques hotel by Frank Gehry in Spain and the Reichstag dome (combination of old and modern architecture) by Norman Foster in Germany are two of remarkable modern architecture that are designed by two masters in architectural world.Actually, these two architects are my favorites in architecture that i want to present their works to show the creativity of them in architectural area.

Размеры рисунка или рисунков (в см) / Sizes of the Drawing/Drawings (cm): 30 42

Drawing technique / Техника исполнения : Colorful pencil,Pastel,Pencil

Год исполнения / Year of the Drawing: 2020