Hi, I’m Gabriele Trove i’m born in Lecce (Italy) in 1983, studied architecture in Valle Giulia University of Rome, La Sapienza, I’m graduating in 2011 in architectural composition. Since 2010 I lives in Martignano (small village near Lecce) The approach at the project is that combines the parallelism between the building and the autonomy of drawing as language. Principal activities: 2011: he public in some blog a series of quick sketches in the form of drawings unaddressed, leaving traces in this kind of space that sooner or later the author decided to leave and not update more. This allows him to have a measure of an immeasurable space; It needs a measure to be able to think. In 2015 he founded www.preistorica.com paraconceptual website, term that tries to combine the concept into real objects. Its function as like as a tool. In the same year he participated in the exhibition for Nomos, Fermo Stripe Festival (Fermo, IT) and he proposed the installation “STANZA”, in which there is a model of the sculpture-series “homothetic figures”, hand-made in plaster and red pigment. Currently working on a project of drawings, “mnemonic constructions“.