Andrey Svistunov (was born in St. Petersburg) lives and works in St. Petersburg in Russia. Being an architect by training and having extensive experience on the embodiment of the ideas in forms inherent in architecture, it continues the creative realization of these ideas begun in Academy of Arts also as the artist. Its graphic works are distinguished by metaphoricalness, diversity and exact possession of material. The air prospects of its works originate in profound knowledge of the principles of classical order architecture and classical academic school, but steadily leave further the framework ordered by its profession in which to the artist, obviously, it becomes close. Almost all his graphic pictures are anyway connected with antiquity or revival, but from classical ouvrages they are distinguished by the special world created by the artist in which as in a mirror both scenery of the Renaissance theater, and phantasmagoric masks carnival San Marco and bible tendency of infinite steps of the ladders leaving to heaven are reflected. _____________________________ Education: 1997 - The Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts, Russia