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Рисунок с натуры
Drawing from nature

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Победитель/Winner —Сергей Демков

Layers of Space

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Hristina Stojanovic
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Author: Hristina Stojanovic

Each drawing represents one category of space transcription corresponding to different layers of spatial images, which together give an abstract image of the same space in 360 x 180° panoramic view. Different drawing techniques represent different space layers – lines, surfaces, presence or absence of light. Transcribed space : interior of the Reading room at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade.

Surface, Lines, Light, Shadows

Размеры рисунка или рисунков (в см) / Sizes of the Drawing/Drawings (cm): 162 x 82 cm (12 x A3 )

Drawing technique / Техника исполнения : Ink on paper, marker pen, technical pen

Год исполнения / Year of the Drawing: 2017