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Архитектурная фантазия
Architectural Fantasy

1 декабря - 21 сентября 2020 года 180 участников
Победитель/Winner —Diana Londono

Some Utopia of old

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Andreas Enriquez
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Author: Enriquez

The picture features some typical characteristics of the xx century Urban Utopias where the zoning is the main principle. The general view shows a vast city generated from a rectangular module multiplied ad infinitum. The ground level is for fast and heavy vehicles, the second level, that contain many floors, has a residential purpose; the public living, the commerce, the walking, the cycling and touring are to be done in the third level, an extensive green terrace. The fourth level is where the office working is placed in colosal skyscrapers separated enough of each other in order to allow sunlight pass.

Размеры рисунка или рисунков (в см) / Sizes of the Drawing/Drawings (cm): 42cm x 29,7cm

Drawing technique / Техника исполнения : Drawn with pen, pencil, and markers. / .

Год исполнения / Year of the Drawing: 2020